What is Videography?

Have you ever wondered what Videography is? Is it a new buzzword that causes you to wonder what it means? Can you even pronounce it? Many define the term Videography as being the “process or art of making video films” or  the art or practice of using a video camera”. It is pronounced same way as photography by replacing photo with video obviously. To quote Wikipedia directly:

The word combines “video” from Latin, meaning “I see” or “I apprehend”, with the Greek terminal ending “graphy”, meaning “to write”. Its contemporary sense is rooted in an article titled “Videography” What Does It All Mean? (American Cinematographer, October 1972).”

It carries many references to video production, which some argue is the same thing, or filmmaking and cinematography. Looking back at the history and the progression of technology, videography itself has it roots in the advent of digital video and capturing images in digital format, especially with the arrival of the digital camcorder in the late 70’s.

Canon_HF10_front-300x267 Some videographers are ‘one man army’ and others work as a whole crew, but all work towards the same ultimate goal – a professional video piece with the purpose of promoting and giving a viral lift for your company, business, product, event, service or individual self, and in many cases producing short or feature length film, documentary or music video. Video production is still in many cases storytelling and audience engagement!

Can this video explain it with few words? To understand it better, check our service providers’ videos and portfolio work:


The fact that such a process is in place calls for the need of many more professionals and creatives involved in each stage, like screenwriters, cameramen and camera operators, photographers, music composers, actors, models, editors, producers, directors, lighting technicians, sound recordists and many more. You can use our ‘Search’ facility and get a better idea of the categories available:


There is no doubt in that case that the actual video production covers many areas of the audio-visual, entertainment and other creative industries and is much more complex than, as some argue, the photography process. Interestingly though, looking at our statistics on Videography.ie, the rates for photography are slightly higher on average than videography. Also, from the 411 registered professionals we have from all across Ireland, 179 (44%) are photographers, 127 (31%) are videographers and 105 (25%) are split between music & sound and other creative trades. Some overlaps also occur where professionals do both video and photography.

*Figures shown are as of 11th of January 2013, source Videography.ie

Many service providers blur the definition boundaries between videography and wedding videography also. In fact, the majority of wedding professionals advertise their videography services as being wedding videography services. Just type videographer into a Google search box and you’ll see what I mean.

The term has found its place in official English dictionaries like Collins and Oxford. There is no doubt that ‘Videography’ as a term, has its place on the web dictionary.

In building our website and our unique service over the last 2 years, we always had the customer and the service provider in mind. This can be seen by the fact that our mission statement says it all: Service providers benefit by getting an opportunity to grow their business and the customer benefits by getting up to 4 free quotes for the services they require.” It is as simple as that, and with our ever growing database of supplier and customer base we are aiming to achieve that and become a trusting service provider portal in Ireland for individuals, businesses, corporates and anyone looking for those type of services on offer. See ‘how it works’ here:

In our next blog article we’ll discuss the differences between amateur and professional videography and why is it so important to hire a professional.

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