How to promote your businesses through video marketing

bigstock-Cameras-5170-300x225Video production and promotion isn’t as big of a challenge and as complicated as some may think and if you haven’t yet considered video marketing I suggest you start thinking about it as a way to promote your business. Whether it is for small business or large businesses, having a professional video can bring traffic and conversions to your website as well as promote it.

The struggle some businesses have is that they don’t know what to promote and how to promote their company through a video. It is anything and everything that makes your company unique and worth talking about that can be videod and with some simple editing to introduce it, you’ll have a pro video in no time.

Next step is to decide how you use videos to promote your business:

1. Product Demos– Giving a visual demonstration of how to use your product and showing how the product works through a video can ease your potential customers sense of suspicion about your product.

2. Service Demos– Most small businesses provide services. If you’re one of those demonstrate how well your business runs. If you’re a beautician, grab some models for the video and do some short make up tutorials. If you’re a photographer, promote how you work and include a few images.

3. Business overview- By showing the customers who you are and what your business can offer, you instantly create a relationship with your potential customers who want to know who they are buying from.

4. Testimonials- Once you satisfied a customer with your product or service get them to make you a 30 second- 1 minute presentation video giving you a feedback.

5. Entertainment- Youtube’s most successful videos are fun, entertaining videos. If you can promote your business in a fun way and manage to entertain your market you’ll draw more attention and attract more clients.

There are lots of ways of promoting your business through video marketing, however the first step is producing your video. By now you’re probably thinking how much would a pro video cost me. The Cost of production can vary and the answer to how much you’re going to spend on a video is always ”it depends”. Check out some of our pre-set packages to suit your needs HERE. Team