Get your business on the Pinterest ladder

I have been using Pinterest lately and during the last few days I really started getting very excited about it. First time I heard of it was from my wife when she was organizing some photo ideas of furniture for our living room. I completely ignored it first at it looked really girly, which was! Apparently over 90% of users on it are female. Then I read somewhere that it was the fastest growing company in the world for 2012 when it completely drew my attention.


As it is still in its growth and its potential yet to be realised, I decided that it was time for to get on it and give it a go as part of our social media channels strategy. I created few boards and tried selecting the best images from our service providers and divided them into categories like Weddings, Baby, Fashion, Models, Vintage, Burlesque, etc. I was curious to see what was going to be the initial response? Then I read that I have to be quite active on it to get followers and likes.

I was in the process of re-pinning, following and liking until I discovered NinjaPinner and got the trial version to try it out. The trial was only for 2 hours, but I managed to follow couple of hundred people, did good few likes and re-pins. This software is a ‘robot’ and pretty powerful, can get you followers in no time and Pinterest are not restricting it at the moment. Now almost every day I am getting people following me back. Apparently it is the easiest by far of all social media channels to follow people and get same response back! Same with likes and re-pins.

Make sure you Tag your images and even create links back to you on each image, as we did on the boards, so those then will be Google and search engine discoverable. The tags (alt) explain what the images are about.

Also Pinterest have option for creating Business pages now, all you need to do is confirm your domain name and you are good to go!

Easiest way to pin anything you like, not just your own stuff, is to get a ‘Pin it’ button for your website or blog:

You can Pin anything you like as long as you acknowledge where you are getting the photo or video from! The quality of the images is amazing, as people and businesses are putting their best stuff out

Companies now have a great channel for selling products and services, especially those targeted to women! Our service providers and customers can start pinning to our Videography boards, just tells which board you would like to pin it to? This would be great especially for those photographers that would like to sell PRINTS for example! Don’t forget also that you can Pin videos too, which is another great way to show your products and services!

We are hoping that Pinterest will be regionalised geographically worldwide and hopefully we will be able to target the Irish market better!

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you’d like to pin, re-pin, share a board or even need the basics to start on the Pinterest ladder.