Highlights Clips For Wedding Videos – Why are they so Important?

I’m a video editor based in Dublin. I mainly edit music videos and all different types of web promos, but I have also recently been doing some wedding video ‘highlights clips’.

Obviously the ‘highlights clip’ is very important aspect of the whole video production, but I feel it can be more than just a ‘best of’ from a couples’ big day. The ‘highlight clip’ that I try to create is not just a selection of nice shots set to music, but an actual ‘Music Video’ edit of their wedding. This involves the music and the image being tightly knitted together in the same way as any other TV music video. Shots cut to beats, split screens, special effects, graphics and the overall feel of the song matching the look and feel of the footage.

Every edit can be unique in theme and even tailored to a couples’ personal hobbies or interests in the same way that wedding cakes nowadays often reflect the couples’ common points (eg. sport, books, gadgets, fairy-tails, old movies, travel etc). Sometimes a facebook video post is all that some people get to see of a friends’ wedding so I think it could often be worthwhile putting as much time and effort into that one clip as what goes into the complete dvd.

Ger, Staunton – Video Editor