High impact advertising

Creating a high impact advertising campaign can see interest in your brand skyrocket overnight, so it’s vitally important to get your brand’s message across to people in an attention grabbing way.  Research conducted by Digital Marketing Magazine found customer sales conversion rates at 4.8% for video marketing, compared to 2.9% for other mediums – figures demonstrating video’s power and the potential impact it can have on sales.

Presenting your product via video strengthens your message and introduces the human element, often lost among all the text and infographics competing for customer’s attention spans. According to Marketing Week, video sharing is climbing due to the proliferation of mobile devices equipped to play visual media.  But there’s one important often overlooked reason to use video that stands out above all others – the fun factor.

Why the fun factor’s so important for your brand

Never underestimate the power of amusement and what it can do for your sales – human beings are pleasure seekers, anything that gives us good feelings makes us want to return to it again and again.
What this means in marketing terms, is if you deliver your audience those good feelings by entertaining them, say by making a funny video, then half the battle has already been won.
You now have a captive audience, one that has been perfectly primed to receive your message, and who already associates positive feelings to your brand, purely because of the feelings you produced in them.

There is no one right way

Videography cannot be a one size fits all solution though, it’s important to tailor your approach rather than just deliver an anodyne template to market your product.
There are various different ways you can use the power of video to get your message out to potential customers:

  • Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Instructional Videos
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Entertaining or viral type videos
  • Product demos
  • Showreels
  • Animated
  • Teaser
  • Trailer or preview

Not all the above solutions will be the best fit for your business, so it’s likely you’ll need to combine your approach by using a combination of different types in order to reach the differing sectors of your target market.

But Trust is ALWAYS King

When it comes to marketing the personal approach is always better and there is one thing that consistently remains important – building trust in your brand. Video testimonials are a superb way to authenticate your brand, it’s easy to read text and just ignore it, but a real live person willing to go on camera instantly generates much more trust. If you want to gain commercial exposure, anytime your potential customers can put a face to your brand you’ll find it easier to build trust – even if what you’re selling isn’t visual at all.

Don’t forget to optimize

Once you’ve got your video you’ll need SEO in order to maximize your audience.  If you’re hosting it on Youtube, make sure you’ve got a catchy title and have done your market research.  Use the appropriate key words, and share your content in as many places as possible such as on Google+, Facebook, etc…
The Youtube algorithm will take into account the above factors, as well as how many views your video has gained, and how many positive comments it has, before ascribing it a rank – the greater the rank, the bigger your audience.
Even if you’re not hosting on Youtube and are uploading to your own website, you’ll still need to ensure great search engine rankings.  SEO is critically important, to appear highly in Google you’ll need to use effective keywords in your website’s metadata that your potential customers will search for.
If you have zero experience with SEO, it can be really tricky to know what you’re doing, but you can cut out the hard slog by using a professional video SEO service to help you get your message out there.

What goes around comes around

One final word – always, always, remember to share your content in as many places as you possibly can, tag it, tweet about it using relevant hashtags, Google+ it, share on Facebook etc… as all these things will greatly increase your brand’s reach.