Video Production

Corporate video production needed, Oct 2015, Dublin 7

Video Production Date: Thursday 23/10/14, 13:00 – 16:00

Service: Filming of instructional video & post-production

Location: Dublin 7


  • These are a series of short videos to be prepared. Instead of printing out a course manual this year we are designing an iBook with interactive content. Part of this content will include video segments whereby the students will see acted scenarios involving different solicitor and client types.
  • We will be hiring actors from the Gaiety School of Acting to come in for the afternoon to shoot four short video pieces – each featuring a solicitor/client interview, and the scripts will be provided by us.
  • The videos will be shot in a Meeting Room, it will be set up to look like a lawyer’s office, e.g. books on table and in background.

End Result:

  • We will need to have 4 short scenarios filmed – each 3-5 minutes in length – edited and converted to 4 separate video files as soon as possible after the filming. Once the videos are complete, we will review them and incorporate them into an iBook. These will be of professional standard and done in the style of corporate instruction videos.
  • The final video files will need to be compressed to the smallest size without compromising quality – big movie files will increase the size of the iBook exponentially.
  • We can provide instructions for simple title cards and introductory sequences.
  • We will be providing you with a short introductory jingle that can be included in any introductory sequence.

For an example, see the client interview sections of this video   – note how the camera moves over and back from solicitor to client, the actors are well lit, the dissolves between scenes, the green on black text transitions etc. It looks professional and this is what we’re going for.