How to promote your businesses through video marketing

bigstock-Cameras-5170-300x225Video production and promotion isn’t as big of a challenge and as complicated as some may think and if you haven’t yet considered video marketing I suggest you start thinking about it as a way to promote your business. Whether it is for small business or large businesses, having a professional video can bring traffic and conversions to your website as well as promote it.

The struggle some businesses have is that they don’t know what to promote and how to promote their company through a video. It is anything and everything that makes your company unique and worth talking about that can be videod and with some simple editing to introduce it, you’ll have a pro video in no time.

Next step is to decide how you use videos to promote your business:

1. Product Demos– Giving a visual demonstration of how to use your product and showing how the product works through a video can ease your potential customers sense of suspicion about your product.

2. Service Demos– Most small businesses provide services. If you’re one of those demonstrate how well your business runs. If you’re a beautician, grab some models for the video and do some short make up tutorials. If you’re a photographer, promote how you work and include a few images.

3. Business overview- By showing the customers who you are and what your business can offer, you instantly create a relationship with your potential customers who want to know who they are buying from.

4. Testimonials- Once you satisfied a customer with your product or service get them to make you a 30 second- 1 minute presentation video giving you a feedback.

5. Entertainment- Youtube’s most successful videos are fun, entertaining videos. If you can promote your business in a fun way and manage to entertain your market you’ll draw more attention and attract more clients.

There are lots of ways of promoting your business through video marketing, however the first step is producing your video. By now you’re probably thinking how much would a pro video cost me. The Cost of production can vary and the answer to how much you’re going to spend on a video is always ”it depends”. Check out some of our pre-set packages to suit your needs HERE. Team

Tools for In-House Video Production

When it comes to what Tools you need to use, there are four main and essential tools for an In-house Video Production. Despite of what you may have seen on the ‘behind the scenes’ of Lost episodes, you don’t need a high budget for your Video.



You won’t be able to get anywhere without a digital video camcorder. Consumer Digital Camera prices range from €100-€2000 so you need to consider that when planning out your budget. There are different types of camcorders – ones that use DVDs, ones that use tapes, hard discs and the most recommended – ones that use flash cards. For low budget video production even smartphones will be sufficient.




Lighting can be used to create a specific mood or feeling, or to simply light your subject and set. Lighting is vital for all businesses looking to do a video.You can get video lights that attach to camera or alternatively use natural lights where possible to keep costs down. LED lights are quite popular today and easy to run, although many still use bulb lights. Note that these are efficient only on ‘interview’ type video shoots, lighting a set or a location can be much more elaborate job!






The next tool you need is good audio. The mic on your camera will work all right for home movies, but for better quality results you should consider buying a separate Microphone. Audio is crucial for your video and very often is ignored. Most professionals say that you can have a ‘bad video with good audio’ but you can’t have ‘good video with bad audio’!






Post production is the last, but very important tool for any kind of video production. For In-house video production check out FREE applications such as iMovie for Apple Mac users and Movie Maker for Windows users.

         iMovie for Apple users                                                                            Movie Maker for Windows  users


After getting these crucial tools, and if your budget allows, the following accessories would be also useful for your quality video. Things such as:

*Video tripod – To helps keep the camera steady.

*Headphones – This will help monitor the quality of audio you’re recording.

*Power extension cords.

*Extra batteries- Always have spare batteries. You don’t want to run out halfway through the shoot.

*DVDs, flash cards and tapes- Depending on the type of camera.

For more information and the upcoming series of detailed factors that drive video production follow our blog posts.  Team

Time estimate for In-House Video Production

Estimating the time you’re going to spend on shooting your video is a key factor that will affect your company’s budget. The uncertain nature of video production make it within reason to expect your planned activities to overrun and cost more than expected.time_clock_11-300x198

There are three time estimates you need to consider when budgeting your in-house video production:

Time in Producing the video
In other words pre-production. This will include time for research, meetings with your team and supervisors, script writing, travel arrangements, storyboarding, location scouting, etc. Naturally, depending on the complexity of your video, these activities will vary in cost.

Video Length
The key to any successful promotional video is quality over quantity. According to Visible Measures 80% of people never get past the first 10 seconds and 44.1% abandon video after 60 seconds. Therefore promoting your company, the products or services within your company will receive more traffic if the content is between 40-100 seconds.

Post production time
The final step is to edit the video you produced. This is the time you allow for additional time for cutting the video, the production of graphics, recording the voice and sound and adding music if any. In the previous article I mentioned two FREE editing software applications. I recommend using iMovie for Mac users and Movie Maker for Windows users. Using these simple editing software programmes will lower your budget planning. Team

Highlights Clips For Wedding Videos – Why are they so Important?

I’m a video editor based in Dublin. I mainly edit music videos and all different types of web promos, but I have also recently been doing some wedding video ‘highlights clips’.

Obviously the ‘highlights clip’ is very important aspect of the whole video production, but I feel it can be more than just a ‘best of’ from a couples’ big day. The ‘highlight clip’ that I try to create is not just a selection of nice shots set to music, but an actual ‘Music Video’ edit of their wedding. This involves the music and the image being tightly knitted together in the same way as any other TV music video. Shots cut to beats, split screens, special effects, graphics and the overall feel of the song matching the look and feel of the footage.

Every edit can be unique in theme and even tailored to a couples’ personal hobbies or interests in the same way that wedding cakes nowadays often reflect the couples’ common points (eg. sport, books, gadgets, fairy-tails, old movies, travel etc). Sometimes a facebook video post is all that some people get to see of a friends’ wedding so I think it could often be worthwhile putting as much time and effort into that one clip as what goes into the complete dvd.

Ger, Staunton – Video Editor

Get your business on the Pinterest ladder

I have been using Pinterest lately and during the last few days I really started getting very excited about it. First time I heard of it was from my wife when she was organizing some photo ideas of furniture for our living room. I completely ignored it first at it looked really girly, which was! Apparently over 90% of users on it are female. Then I read somewhere that it was the fastest growing company in the world for 2012 when it completely drew my attention.


As it is still in its growth and its potential yet to be realised, I decided that it was time for to get on it and give it a go as part of our social media channels strategy. I created few boards and tried selecting the best images from our service providers and divided them into categories like Weddings, Baby, Fashion, Models, Vintage, Burlesque, etc. I was curious to see what was going to be the initial response? Then I read that I have to be quite active on it to get followers and likes.

I was in the process of re-pinning, following and liking until I discovered NinjaPinner and got the trial version to try it out. The trial was only for 2 hours, but I managed to follow couple of hundred people, did good few likes and re-pins. This software is a ‘robot’ and pretty powerful, can get you followers in no time and Pinterest are not restricting it at the moment. Now almost every day I am getting people following me back. Apparently it is the easiest by far of all social media channels to follow people and get same response back! Same with likes and re-pins.

Make sure you Tag your images and even create links back to you on each image, as we did on the boards, so those then will be Google and search engine discoverable. The tags (alt) explain what the images are about.

Also Pinterest have option for creating Business pages now, all you need to do is confirm your domain name and you are good to go!

Easiest way to pin anything you like, not just your own stuff, is to get a ‘Pin it’ button for your website or blog:

You can Pin anything you like as long as you acknowledge where you are getting the photo or video from! The quality of the images is amazing, as people and businesses are putting their best stuff out

Companies now have a great channel for selling products and services, especially those targeted to women! Our service providers and customers can start pinning to our Videography boards, just tells which board you would like to pin it to? This would be great especially for those photographers that would like to sell PRINTS for example! Don’t forget also that you can Pin videos too, which is another great way to show your products and services!

We are hoping that Pinterest will be regionalised geographically worldwide and hopefully we will be able to target the Irish market better!

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you’d like to pin, re-pin, share a board or even need the basics to start on the Pinterest ladder.